Passed one week too. We are moved to our new office. I really missed my old office. Old office was giving me a homely atmosphere and that past days I feel very freely to work. Thats days I reached office on my bike. Changed location so i changed the way to reach office. So i am travel on train. That journey give me so many beautiful views and give me a chance to mingle with new people. So i really enjoy train journey.

New office life started for last one week. Cool, totally changed. Very creative and modern office, looks so very awesome. Some walls they used my design artwork. So i am really proud for joined lycaeum team. So i am really owefull to Asif and Noufal sir.

Here i am going to explain about my presentation of last week's topic is Emacs

Artist mode

What is artist

Artist is an Emacs lisp package that allows you to draw lines, rectangles, squares, poly-lines, ellipses and circles by using your mouse and/or keyboard. The shapes are made up with the ascii characters |, -, / and \.

To draw a poly line, C-c C-a P to enter poly-line mode, RET (artist-key-set-point) to start the line, move point with normal movement commands, then hit RET again to end the segment and start a new one, C-u RET for the final segment.

From artist-mode docstring:

Drawing with keys

 RET        Does one of the following:
        For lines/rectangles/squares: sets the first/second endpoint
        For poly-lines: sets a point (use C-u RET to set last point)
        When erase characters: toggles erasing
        When cutting/copying: Sets first/last endpoint of rect/square
        When pasting: Pastes

 C-c C-a C-o    Selects what to draw

 Move around with C-n, C-p, C-f and C-b.

 C-c C-a C-f    Sets the character to use when filling
 C-c C-a C-l    Sets the character to use when drawing
 C-c C-a C-e    Sets the character to use when erasing
 C-c C-a C-r    Toggles rubber-banding
 C-c C-a C-t    Toggles trimming of line-endings
 C-c C-a C-s    Toggles borders on drawn shapes


 <      Sets/unsets an arrow at the beginning
        of the line/poly-line

 >      Sets/unsets an arrow at the end
        of the line/poly-line

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