Learn Python the hard way.
A very simple Introduction to the terrifying Beautiful world of computers and code.

This book called I'm a programmer. Yes I'm a programmer. My first program print("Hello world") then 2nd print("Hello Again") WoW wonderful experience. then I tried many  print function.

1 print("Hello World!")

2 print("Hello Again")

3 print("I like typing this.")

Then  i learn many excercise. each file i call ex1.py, ex2.py etc.. This is important, as python works best with files ending in .py.

That time only I think learn python. So I was reading the book "Learn Python The Hard Way" by Zed A. Shaw, This will be very difficult at first, but stick with it. If I go through this book, I do exercise for one or two hours a night.

Every programming language has some kind of way of doing numbers and math.

• + plus

• - minus

• / slash

• * asterisk

• % percent

• < less-than

• > greater-than

• <= less-than-equal

• >= greater-than-equal


print("I will now count my chickens:")

print("Hens", 25 + 30 / 6)

print("Roosters", 100 - 25 * 3 % 4)


$ python3 ex3.py

I will now count my chickens:

Hens 30.0

Roosters 97

I recommend programmer must read " Learn Python the Hardway "

Thank you!