11-Jan- 2018  My first day at lycaeum.

Also i lost my 2 Previous sessions.

On that day install ubuntu OS on my laptop.

Noufal Ibrahim sir given me a short description about previous sessions and given the study materials.

“The Unix Programming Environment “ book is used to reference and simply describes the books by Mr.Brian W Kernighan and Rob Pike for beginners like me.

The first few chapter of this book discussing about  Unix Commands,uses of the system, and shell commands.


* ls,wc,ed,cat,mkdir,cp,mv,rm,etc.

* input and output redirection(<>).

* man command for help.

* foreground and background (xeyes)

* kill signals.

and also learn about grep ,and pipes with intresting examples.

Also i start to improve my typing speed using gtypist in windows from my office ( fist day i left my laptop charger in lycaeum so i am out of my laptop backup).

At last Noufal sir given us a single command for presentation on Monday. I got find command.

Anyway, this is my first week experience in lycaeum with my friends and Noufal sir. This is a best opportunity to get a new career for me.

Thank you for reading my first blog.