This week is my first week in lycaeum , and it was my hard work week too.I start with basic commend in Unix,from "The UNIX Programming Environment",and its quite easy to understand from it.Along with Unix i starts to watching Emacs videos and also starts to do the exercises in "Learn python 3 The hard way ". Right now am going to  explain an a problem in python  done in last week.

The problem is to find biggest two element from a list.

Here i have a list n=[10,12,5,15,9,16]. i will set first two numbers to two variables x and y.

x=n[0] and y=n[1]

Then check biggest from these two by using if loop

if (x<y):

here if x < y then value will interchange it .else it's value be same.once we have the biggest in x and second biggest in y we can start to compare with other each element in list  by using for loop and with if-else loop.

def big(n):
if (x<y):
for i in range(2,len(n)):
          if (x<n[i]):

print (x,y)

here we starts with 2th index number in the list.First we check the x<n[i],once the x< third element,it will set the value in x to y and x is set to that element.if this condition is not true,it continues x as the biggest and it move to elif loop.Here it check second biggest element that is y with the n[i] and if this condition is true then it change y is to n[i].ie it become the second biggest element in the will continues until it reach the last element in the list.Finally we get the two biggest element as x and y.(x =first biggest and y=second biggest) .

i think you all got it.....thank you....