The Unix programming;It is really very interesting  stuff,when we begin the path of lycaeum with Noufal ibrahim sir.This is my first week in  The Lycaeum mentoring program.let's go through this week.

Here we follow the book "The Unix Programming Environment" of Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike.They explained the beauty of Unix environment well though this book .To make it easy and oversimplification there are many commends in Unix.

The following is the list of commends in Unix organised under different categories. Let's discuss about it.

Login and authentication :

Login:  access computer

exit: disconnect terminal

date: show date and time

man: to show the documentation (eg: man cd; it shows the  documentation of commend cd)

who: who on the system ,

etc....... are the some commends

File Management

cat: to show the contents of a file

cp: copy file

mv: move file

rm: remove file



cd: change new directory

mkdir: create a new directory

pwd: show current directory


Some other powerful commends are

grep: it is for searching some thing. it is very powerful tool and the beauty of this is;we can use it for making some prediction upon data..

pipe: pipe ( | ) we can take the output of one commend as the input of is also very fantastic one (eg: ls -l | grep hello ; here it list all the content of current directory and search for hello ) and using of each commends with arguments and option are also discussed here (option like -l,-t -x etc..) and many more.

We got some ideas about ssh  and and their use case and how to connect with remote systems using ssh ,as well as the key generation for security and we use the rsa encryption algorithm for generating key ('ssh-keygen -t rsa')and got some of the interesting recipe of encryption and decryption methods.

There are some very important stuff about files ,directories and permission of the is very clear that the focus of designers on the structure of a file system that would be build it clean and easy to use .

The examples of Noufal sir make us motivated and understand the power of each commends and i really happy with my typing speed improvement. these are my first week experience with Lyecaum. awesome moments and interesting .Now also i stick on it.