Last week we studied about Git Version Control System.

"Git is versioned,user space,content-addressable file system."

This explain everything about Git. We all know Git is a version control system. Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later. Next come the "user space".  Generally there are two spaces ;kernel space and user space. That means we can version control a file system in our local space. Most operations in Git need only local files and resources to operate; generally no information is needed from another computer on your network. And most important thing is content-addressable. It stores all its data s as stream of snapshots. A new snapshot is created when any change happens to the content. We can search anything by the content more easily.

Here I will show you how I stored all my exercises in Lycaeum in GitHub using Git.

First, I created an GitHub account and created a new repository there. I name it Lyceaum-Mentoring. There you can see how to create a local repository in your system and then add it to GitHub Repository. That s the next step.

Created a directory in my system

$ mkdir Lycaeum

$ cd Lycaeum

$ echo "# Lycaeum-Mentoring" >>

$ git init

$ git status

By this command you can check the status of your file system.

Here file we created is a untracked file to Git. So we have to add and then commit it so that Git can track .

$ git add

$ git commit -m "First Commit"

If we check the status at this point it looks like this

No more untracked files...

Next we want to add these remotly (to Git Hub).For this we use the command.

$ git remote add origin

Here you can check wheather there are any remote repository by the command

$ git remote

Next is to push the files from local to GitHub Repo.

$ git push -u origin master

Here "origin" is the name of the remote(GitHub) repositiory. And "master" is name of the main(or default) branch in our local repository.

Now in GitHub you can see the file

Next I create a python file named and repeat the same process. That is add and commit and push

$ git add

$ git commit -m "Second Commit"

If we look the status here it shows like this.

So we have to push this to remote repository.

$ git push

This is how we can simply version control our file system. Don't forget to check wheather the file is seen in GitHub website.

Thank you