This blog is about my project.It is a flashcards game. Here a data file contain flashcards have question and answer. Here the question and answer consist of two words,  one is malayalam word and we want to guess the correct english word for it.

The project is done in python.Here in this project i used tkinter for Gui. Tkinter is the standard GUI library for python.Here it used to create a window ,button and labels.

example for tkinter window

Here i have a file contain flashcards.From this file we take question and answer. simple example of flashcards is

example for flashcards file

Here first we want show malayalam word as question in window.For that we create a tkinter window and take fisrt word in the line from flashcard file and label on it.For create a tkinter window we have to import tkinter,

from tkinter import *

Once tkinter  import and create the window we have to show the malayalam word plus three button , one for right guess and second for wrong guess and other for show the answer.

And click the 'see answer ' button to show the answer.

Here when you guess the correct word then click am right or click am wrong.And for the next question click the 'next question' button.And here the label '0' and '0' will increment according to the number of times the right and wrong button.

example for clicking am right button

Here is the link to my project try it.