Sorry. It has been a few weeks since the last blog. Got lost in python! Not kidding, it is almost true. I have been really enjoying coding in python. Let me tell you how I got started.

1. Learn-Python3-The-Hard-Way by Zed A. Shaw:

If you want to start from scratch, this is the book. As it sounds from the title, it gets harder after each exercise. It takes a good quantity of time to finish the book. I have few more lessons to complete. Check out the exercises I have done in GitHub.

2. Python-challenge-series:

These are the exercises we have got from Lycaeum-coding-class. They are in a different flavor from the Hard-Way exercises. I think these are more solution-oriented. Anyway take it as a challenge and check them out at GitHub.

3. Hangman:

If you have read my Blog01, you will be familiar with Hangman word game. Now the goal was to build to hangman in python. I think this is my first "project" in python and it was terrible. But the feed-backs helped me to make it a little better. I wouldn't tell you to check out them, but still, here is the link.

4. Game-Of-Life:

This is one of the examples for, "It's not like it's sounds". Game-of-life is more like a mathematical simulation than a game. The second "project" is much better compared to the first one. Obviously, practice makes us better. I have added some cool features like RLE-decoder (to decode pattern files) and curses (to animate terminal) in Game-Of-Life. There is also well-tried documentation. Definitely check them out at GitHub.

Coding is getting better and better as it gets challenging. While I was going through old codes (like one week old), it was looking terrible. I am still keeping the old codes though. Later it could be a reminder to see how much I improved.

And as always, Thanks for Reading:)