After a week in lycaeum, i have learned tract of factors as a beginner. The foremost is to practice progressively to enhance programming skill. Only by implementing you will become a skilled programmer. Even if stuck at a problem, don't lose hope. Try oftently to get the solution. Think possible ways to fix the issue.

Firstly gone through some basic commands in Unix programming to get basic understandings of a computer programming. Started implementing some of those on terminal. Below are the commands that i done at the beginning:

mkdir- Make Directories

Cd- Change directory

Date- print or set the system current date and time

ls- list Directory contents

man- user manual of any command that we run on the terminal

cat- Concatenate files and print on standard output

paste- to merge lines of files

The above mentioned command paste is given for presentation on last week.


Suppose we have three files named numbers, names and countries with following contents.

And task is to merge lines of files in a way that each row of the final output contains names, numbers and countries by using paste command in the following way:

without any option paste merges the files in parallel. The paste command writes the corresponding lines of files with tab as delimiter.


  1. -d (delimiter): By default paste command uses tab delimiter for merging lines of files. The delimiter can be changed to any other character by using -d option. If more than one character is specified as delimiter then paste option uses it in circular way for each file line separation.
Only one character is specified 
More than one character is specified

2. -s (serial): Merging files in sequential manner using -s option. It reads all the lines from a single file and merges all these lines  into a single line with each line separated by tab. And these single  lines are separated by newline.

In the above command, first it reads data from names  file and merge them into single line with each line separated by tab.  After that newline character is introduced and reading from next file  i.e. number starts and process repeats again till all files are read.

Consequently gone through videos on Emacs also known as GNU emacs or gnuemacs. Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self documenting real-time display editor. Main principle of Emacs is text editing. Hereafter done some python exercises on "Learn Python the hard way" book written by "Zed A. Shaw". I had the curiosity to realize something about Git. Even though i heard the term before. But i wasn't familiarize with it. Git is a distributed version-control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Get to comprehend more about git. Although i'm late to the lycaeum mentoring course.  I have enormous stuffs to do. i'm getting over it. Definitely  i conquer all these traces which will surely make a skilled programmer. keep focused and stay motivated.

That's all about this week. Thank you all for reading. keep fetching for more updates...