Like i said my previous Blog,  

This week i take Two  presentations.

One is find and another Emacs presentation is is ispell and learn about Git.


* Find is a most important and much used command.

* Is used to locate all the files and directories based on condition given.


1. find ./ -name Abc.txt

   ./ means find or search on same directory,

-name means find a file or directory using their name.

Abc.txt is the example of the file name(here we can type which file we want to search by name)

Also we can find files by:-

2. find ./ -size +4M

Find files using their Size

4M means the file is Greater than 4MB

also we can fine less sized file or directory using -size condition.

3. find ./ -mtime -1

Find files using their Modification time

-1 means within the last day

also we can files that modified more than a day using  +mtime.

4. find ./ -mmin

this expression is also like -mtime.

5. find ./ -empty

here we can find the empty files on current directory.

6. find ./ -perm 777

Here we can see all the current directory files using find by-

find ./    or   find *


Ispell is used for checking and correcting spellings of a single word or of a portion of a buffer.

This is Emacs presentation i got.

Here we can check spellings by different ways using Ispell.

Just open a new buffer and and hit M+x (here Alt is called Meta or M)

M-x ispell :- Check one Word

M-x ispell-buffer :- Check and correct spellings in the buffer.

M-x ispell-region :- Check and correct spellings in the region.

M-x ispell-kill-ispell :- kiss ispell.

M-x flyspell-mode :- toggle on fly spell checking. Show an red underline when mispelling.

M-x ispell-change-dictionary :- Change dictionary( when we want to check other country Words)


Git is a version control system(VCS). It is mostly used for computer code. It offers all of the distributed version control and source code management. Successfully installed git on my computer using sudo. I have already create a GitHub account on 2016 for an interview purpose and i already committed 4 commits and u can see my git account using this link. But i forgot all the commands and how to use Git this time but Noufal sir explained well and i got more than about Git. I clone my this old account and just check the status and logs.

Also got new Git presentation topic “blame”.