Hi guys dont confusing with the name B2W2 it Just name for i give my blog like Blog 2-Week2.

Ok lets go through the second week..

Like i said my previous blog, everyone ready for take their presentation. In this time we have confused for who take first. Using programming code Noufal sir select one of us name is command and Rohit got the first chance. But i cant take my presentation using my laptop( reason i already discus with my previous blog) and my presentation is postponed to next Friday.

Then we are going to our new topic Emacs.

Emacs is a text editor used by programmers.

Emacs mainly working with shortcuts and commands. Using the Tutorial video by Noufal sir is helpful to study Emacs shortcuts. Also he gave us Reference card.

This is the first day of our second week. Also i have lost my next two sessions like my previous week due my current working issues. And finally i am going to relive my current working on 23-Jan.

but heard that they studied about git and give to complete first 3 chapter also give new Emacs presentation. Using the reference link i install Git in my Pc.