EMISION is a broadcasting application used for sending messages to multiple social medias at a time. This application is divided into 3 layers. Layer 0  dealing with different  social medias, Layer 1 controlling social medias, Layer 2 interact with user.

LAYER 0 :-     Layer 0 deals with API of  social medias. so we have to deal with different social medias  and have to create separate class for social medias in which we can send our message.if user facing a problem while sending message it will arise an error.

LAYER 1   : –    The major usage of this layer is controlling social medias. It will display all the sites  and we can send message to all available sites.

LAYER 2  :-     This layer receive the user input in a text form

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Hwacha – Layer Design

Layer design

 Layers                   Terms                        Responsibilities                                   API

  1.   User                   forms,                  Allow user to interact                    ——–  interface             buttons                    with the  system

2.   User                     user_name,            Verify the identity               Add_user() Authentication        password                of the user                       check_user()                                                                                                                              Remove_user()


3.  App                 Messages ,                 Recieves messages          Parse_error() Controller      Social_media_list      from UI ,  process           get_message()                                broadcast_msg          details and deliver        to_broadcast()                                                                           the messge to                                                                              Message broadcast                                                                                 layer

4.  Social          smedia_uname_list      User                                       List_media()        Media          smedia_pwd_list           authentication            Authn_media() Controller                                                      with social                         Add_media()                                                                                medias                         Remove_media()

5. Message             message,                       Broadcasts            Push_message()     Broadcaster       social_media_list      the message                                                                                                                                  to a list of                                                                                                              social medias






HOSO means broadcasting. As the name indicates the theme of the project is to broadcast a message through various social media in a single click.

So far in our design the following functions are included (Top Layer):

  • Login :  The role of this function is to authenticate the user.
  • Channels: displays a list of channels to which the message will be broadcast to.
  • get_message: To get the message from the user.
  • Broadcast: To broadcast the message


This post is to describe lambda function.  The lambda function syntax is as follows:

lambda argument_list : expression

Here lambda indicates its a lambda function, argument_list indicates the list of argument, expression indicates the expression.  The following example will help us understand how it works.

g = lambda x,y : x*y
print g(8,2)

Here variable variable ‘g’ contains a lambda function in which the argument lists includes x and y as arguments and x*y is the expression.  The result of g(8,2) is 16.  In expression side of the function the value of x is replaced by 8 and y by 2 hence  8 * 2 will be evaluated and the result will be returned.  Here the return function is not used as in normal function because lambda function is itself a returning function.  Its quite useful to use lambda function inside filter(), map(), reduce()

I hope you have benefited with this blog.  Suggestions are welcome to improve the post.


 Hwacha is a web based application for message broadcasting service.Name indicate  a  multi threaded weapon  used in Korea,same concept of broadcasting  .A simple click can post messages to  various social media websites.



Web based UI, usually forms and planning to implement using Web2py because it is easy to understand and it will cover more to the depth of this project

User Authentication

User authentication is mandatory in this case since Hawcha is a multiuser system, linked with SQLite database to store and retrieve the user credentials.


Check_user(user_name,hash(Password) : Return True or False
Add_user(User_name,hash(password) : Return True Error status
Remove_user(User_name) : return True or Error Status

App Controller

This layer act as an engine which  receives messages from the UI, retrieve social media details from Social media controller and deliver to the message Broadcast layer for message broad casting. It also parse the error messages and send it to the UI. Social media selection for specific messages upon the user input will take place in this layer.


Parse_error(Error code): return error message as a string.

Social media controller

This layer helps the communication of user with social medias. User authentication take place in this layer. Storage of tokens and various Authentication en details depends on the social media.


List_media (user name) : List of social medias connected with the user
Authenticate_media(user name, social media credential) : True or Error Status
Add_media(user name , social media) : True or error message
Remove_media(user_name,social media to be removed) : True or Error Status

Message broadcaster

The layer which broadcast messages to social medias and return output to the App controller


Push_message(message, list of social media) : return True or Error status